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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 17, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> anything you can do to stay warm in this bitter chill of 54 degrees outside. >> says the man in the comfortable studio. >> that is exactly right. it's cd here on the weather side of the desk right under the air conditioning vent. feels good. outside, sunshine on your sunday morning. we're at 61 degrees here at the friendly peacock in northwest, washington. we're one ofhe warm spots. 50 degrees in fairfax this morning. 52 in winchester. 54 degrees in poolesville, maryland. 50 in annapolis. 56 in leonard town. it's going to be a nice day today. there's the satellite picture. hardly a cloud to be found in our skies today. plenty of sunshine. low to mid-70s. sun doesn't go down until 6:26 this evening and if you're one of the many folks planning on going out and watching the redskins play host to -- what's that guy's name -- there's the ball for t colts? >> that manning kid. >> archie. something like that. hopefully it will be a big
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redskins win. the weather will be cooperive. >> we hope his performance will be forgettable. thank you, chuck. rescue crews are searching for a boater who vanished yesterday afternoon. the 65-year-old woman put her boat in the water at sandy run reonal park in fairfax station late yesterday morning and has not been seen since. news 4's darcy spencer has more on the rescue effort. >> reporter: the missing boater's son tells me she is very experienced on the wate in fact, she comes out here to the occoquan river very often and does practice runs. relatives have no idea what may ha happened out here today. a missing boater's husband and son wa and worry as searchers coinue to look for the 65-year-old woman. fairfax county fire and rescue officials say she went out on the river in her skull boat at sandy run in fairfax and hasn't been seen since. workers at the park realized something was wrong late in the afternoon. >> they had a check-in system, a check-out system and noticed
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around 5:30 that she had not checked in. they noticed her boat wasn't inside the boathouse. her car was still in the parking lot so they decided, hey, let's go out and look for her. >> reporter: all they found was the woman's capsized boat in the river. those workers called 911 launching an all-out search. authorities looked using a helicopter and four boats but found no sign of the woman. so far they're not releasing her name. >> everyone here knows her. that's how they knew she was missing. she comes out almost every day. i think she was tting ready for a race tomorrow so she came to get warmed up for that. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. now to decision 2010. maryland's race for governor will center on athletics today. one candidate will greet football fans. another joining thousands of runners right now in montgomery county and gettg a close-up look at a big transportation
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project. >> live to derrick ward who is at the new connector with governor o'malley. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: this is a chance to get up close d personal to something for the state and to raise money for a great cause. governor martin o'mall, first of all, great to have you out here today. tell me how important this project is to the state and to our region particularly. >> the icc was a long time in coming and even in the toughest of tes we've buckled down and moved ahead and we're going to be opening up the first leg here. it is going to be all in all about an 1mile project. the tolls about $5. hasn't exactly been set but it will be in that neighborhood and should help to some degree alleviate congestion. what we really need long term is better matched transit options, too. this is a day of accomplishment and we're here with terrell limerick with special oims and doing a 5-k run here and going to be raising $30,000 for special olympics.
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it's a great day. families are here. kids, moms and dads. this project was a long time in coming but finally we're seeing it comeo completion here. >> reporter: and how important ishis special olympics event for you? i see you have the gold medal there. >> yeah. i did better than my competitio i d it for a guy from -- i am a runner. >> reporter: excellent. i wish i could run and win a medal as well. governor, your opponent's doing something over at the stadium at the redskins game. how is the race coming? >> the race is heading into its final stretch here. we are heartened to receive th endorsement of "the washington post" for making the tough decisions and governing well in the toughest of times.
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our state is havg the best year of new job creation that we've had since 2000 but we have a long way to go to recapture what we've lost in the course of this recession. the grt thing, we do move rward. we don't mak excuses. >> reporter: and we are moving forward with this race today and with this project. we are live on the icc. now back to you. >> thank you, derrick. an off-duty baltimore police detective is dead after an apparent dispute over a parking space. detective brian stevenson was out celebrating his 38th birthday saturday night when he was hit in the head by a rock or large piece of concrete. police say he appeared to be involved in an argument over a parking spot with a man and woman. stevenson later died from head trauma. police have taken the suspect into custody. they have not been charged. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says it is a tremendous loss for the community. >> this is an utterlyenseless
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act. we have lost an officer who meant a lot to his family, to his community and certainly to his brothers and sisters in blue who are devastated by this incident. >> detective stevenson was an 18-year veteran of the force. he would have turned 38 years old today. >> five men arrested and accused of killing a man outside a u-street bar are facing lesser charges. the five dc-9 workers were arraigned on charges of aggravated assault and released from jail. police say ali ahmed mohammed died after being kicked and stomped. investigators believe the bar workers were upset mohammed had thrown a brick through a window after being kicked out of the club. one of the men's attorneys say there's no way his client could be a murderer. >> anyone who knows bill spieler would quickly understand that he's incapable of hurting anyone. >> those who were there at that time are witnesses.
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we depend on them. >> after being released all five men were placed under a high-intebsty supervision program including electnic monitoring. they will return to court next month for a preliminary hearing. a maryland woman is alive this morning and that'suite surprise considering police thought she had been dead for days. the police found 89-year-old ruth johnson motionless on the floor of her home october 1th. officers said it looked like she'd been there for some time. a member of the state anatomy board went to take her body away. johnson had indicated she wanted to donate her body to science. at that moment johnson let out a cry and moved an arm. she was relsed three days ago and has been since placed in hospice care. water crews are rushing to finish work on a large water main that burst near the mall just after 10:00 friday night near 9th street and constitution avenue. constitution remains closed this
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morning between 9th and 12th streets. they hope to have the main fixed some time this morning, the road repairs and streets reopenedy rush hour tomorrow morning. in decision 2010 early voting opens in washington, d.c., tomorrow. polls at the d.c. board of elections headquarters will open and then starting next saturday, october 23rd fr more early voting sites are open. voters will get to select a new mayor, airman among other offices. and for the first time in two years the first lady will join president obama for campaign events today. they'll join a list of political heavy hitters campaigning this weekend. yesterday president obama rallied in boston for a fellow democrat and massachusetts governor duvall patrick. for the republicans sarah palin addressed supporters at an rnc party in orange county, california. arizona senator john mccain stumped for california senate candidate carly fiorina.
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>> she will hit the ground running and be an instant impact and star. >> so how about we make november nd freedom day and we take it back for the little guy. >> don't let them take this kun did i -- >> president and mrs. obama wi head for ted strickland and in columbus a dnc fund-raiser and a rally at ohio state university. it's 9:09. you know the redskins game is tonight and we just heard from -- >> martin o'malley. >> democratic candidate for governor. 180,000 hands to shake. >> potential voters. all right. we're going to show you coming up a segmentof the local economy that's actually booming right now. and hakem dermish will have highlights from an upset filled saturday of college football. because of one word,
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financial aid and writing college applications. well, it's good those students are thinking ahead because findin their first job may be a difficult task. the has been little relief to the struggling job market and the housing and business sectors aren't faring much better. suze orman says americans may have to change their outlook on what's important. >> you're not going to see real este skyrocket anytime soon if ever again. you're not going to see all the jobs come back overnight if ever, i'm so sorry to say, so you have to look at things differently. what are the small things that would make you happy? so when you look at life that way, you just might find small is better than large. >> orman says seniors are one of the hardest hit groups. social security payments have not increased in two years and businesses are less likely to hire them. despite the recession new figures show hispanic ownership
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has risen in our area. a look at the types of business that is are booming and why. >> reporter: despite a down economy business for keystone plus construction has never been better. last year the d.c.-based construction company made about $25 million. >> we're looking to keep growing. >> the business is hispanic owned and nearly all of its 150 employees are hispanic. >> a lot of fellow latinos come from their home countries here with backgrounds in construction. i think we're natural fixer uppers, do it yourselfers, and come here with an understanding we can make a living doing ts. >> reporter: more hispan owned administrative companies, waste management companies as well. part of the growth can be explained by the increase in the hispanicopulation in our area but there's more. >> and their education. so we have the combination of two factors, that is highly
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educed hispanics and growing population of hispaniclients or customers. >> reporter: om 2002 to 2007 the number of hispanic-owned businesses in c., sosh rylandnd a part of west virginia increased nearly 54%. the number of other businesses increased just over 21%. gross revenue forhispanic owned businesses was also up a whopping 79% to $7.6 billion. yvonne's company says this project at 14th park street northwest is an example of another trend that's triggered growth keystone is replacing the facades and about 13 businesses. they landed a city contract and say groups like the hispanic chamber of commerce helped them. >> these are resources for smaller contractors. the only way they come up is if we support our own community. >> the hispanic entrepreneurs is
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a cultural thing so i believe that the hispanic owned businesses will continue to grow. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4 today. encouraging to hear about a bright spot in the economy. 61 degrees outside. a lot of bright spots outside, right, chuck? yes, indeed. a bright forecast for today. unfortunately, the forecasts and the 70-degree weather can't last forever in october. that'shy you need to enjoy today. a comp ♪ new look. new style. new sears.
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welcome back. so, chuck, we're in for a warm-up after this chilly, chilly morning. >> i know. it's been so funny to hear aaron complain about the bitter chill. >> i'm just making an observation. >> i fear for you, my son, come december. >> no kidding about it. our first trip below 50 degrees this fall. yes, indeed, a lot of people are like, isn't that where we should be? yes, indeed. typically our frst sub-50-degree day inhe middle of october and it's just about where we're sitting right now on the 17th. outside nice and sunny to get yo sunday morning started and it's going to stay that wayor the remainder of the day. it's an airbus? no, one of those 170. name that plane, everybody, out at national airport.
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i know it's not an airbus. that much i know for sure. that's our current temperature at national airport. our first time wasthis morning. 48 degrees. last year we got down to below 50 on october 11th the first time, 2006 october the 7th the earliest below 50 degrees august 24th back in 1890. 0 years ago. we haven't been below 50 degrees but a handl of time. 54 downtown with with a light breeze. temperates on their way up now with all the sunshine out there. 54 degrees at andrews air force base. 51 in quantico and stafford. 50 degrees in manassas and warrenton. charlestown up into the upper 50s already. the high spot out near the blue ridge stayed warmer last night. the cold spots were down across the virginia piedmont down to manassas and warrenton. a lot bottomed out in the 30s.
9:21 am
high pressure is in charge. a nice day today and a pretty good day coming up tomorrow but gradually as this weather front comes through late today and into tomorrow it will gradually allow the cooler air to spill in. once we're on the north side of that boundary, ripples in the jet stream will start coming our wa and by the time we get to monday night and tuesday, at 8:00 on tuesday morning, a risk of light rain coming ou way. fall foliage still peaking well up to our north and west, western maryland, western pennsylvania. another ten days, maybe two weeks in the washington area from our peak of the folia foliage:plenty of sunshine, warmth. breezy at times. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour but nowhere ne as windy and blustery as yesterday was. plenty of sunshine first thing in the morning. clouds coming in lar in the afternoon and as a result of that it will be a touch cooler tomorrow with highs in the upper s and low 70s. great weather for the redskins game at fedex field f. you're a ravens fan, you're on the road
9:22 am
in new england today taking on the patriots. good weather up the road in foxborou foxborough. there's our four-day forecast. sunshine and 75 today. that's the pick of the litter for the week, though. clouds come back tomorrow. a chance of light rain showers tuesday and wednesday before we are right back out again just in time for next weekend. >> okay, thanks, chuck. >> you're welcome. >> the citals need overtime to decide their game with the predators and the terps hope to full off aupset at kleclemson. >> hakem dermish has more in this morning's sports. > good morning, everyone, we're talking hockey. game of the night in nashville. mi michael neuvirth. the surging capitals against the unbeaten predators. michael making t start in net for washington, his 110 saves rank in the top ten among goaltenders. meanwhile nashville's offense ranks fifth in goals per game. caps versus preds, it's music city madness. the capitals down 2-0. late second period where we start, caps on the power play but, uh-oh, they lose the puck and nashville, here they come. joel ward out front all by his
9:23 am
lonesome on the breakaway but neuvirth, big time glove save. he finished with 37 saves in the game. third period now, ps trail 2-1. off the face-off behind the net, ooks gets the puck. it's fleischman johnny-on-the-spot, shoots and scores. game tied at 2-2. stays that way after three periods. we go to overtime. in ot, caps on the power play again. pass to alex ovechkin. big-time slap shot deflected by brooks laich in front. it's the game-winner. caps win it 3-2 in overtime. they've wofour in a row. coege football now. after yestery's game at clemson, maryland head coach ralph friedgen said this. sometimes i think our ys think we're on an amusement trip. after an exhaustive google certifica
9:24 am
search the closest amusement park to clemson is about two hours away. yesterday afternoon the terps looked like they staggered off the daredevil skycoaster losing their tenth straightame. we're at death valley not six flags. second quarter, first and goal for maryland. danny o'brien to darryl scott. terps get eaky. half back pass. scott to o'brien. maryland touchdown. terps in front 7-3. ensuing kickoff, ellington had a big game. takes it to the 13 yard line. breaks through the mide. wow. terps trying to track him down but he's too fas 87 yards for the touchdown. ellington finished with o tds. clemson in front, 10-7. fourth quarter now, terps trail 24-7. trying to get back into it. o'brien looking for his guy but xavier brewer picks itff. returns it 61 yards for the score. o'brien, who hadn't thrown an interception this season, thre
9:25 am
three yesterday. maryland falls to 4-2. we're in blacksburg. frank beamer and the hokies playing ke forest on homecoming. first quarter, no score. third and goal. taylor. this is pretty sweet. up to logan thomas. he's the backup quarterback. he can catch, folks. take another look. one-handed grab. virginia tech up 7-0. a sign of things to come. later, more hokies. taylor with time. i mean a ton of time. here comes the pressure. spins out, runs back across the field and finds a wide open danny cole for a 25-yard touchdown. taylor had four touchdowns, three paing, one rushing. the hokies put up 49 points in the first half. they go on to win 52-21. virginia tech has won five straight. we're in charlottesville. cavaliers hosting north carolina. the first play of the game not good for virginia. the tar heels strike.
9:26 am
t.j. yates to dwight jones, the big fellow. slips a couple tackles. he's going down thsideline and he's saying bye-bye. 81 yards for the touchdown. north caroli on top 7-0. ouch. later in the first, carolina leads 10-3 and the same two guys again. yates to jones. the combo is working. to the end zone. makes the catch. 20-yard score. north carolina defeats mike london and the caps 44-10. it the tar heels first win at virginia since 1981. all right. in nap annapolis navy taking on southern methodist. the throw and picked off by navy's tyler simmons. wow. he's a playmaker. that changes the game instantly. now navy with a chance to win it. handoff to alexander teach.
9:27 am
he goes untouched into the checkerboard end zone. navy wins a thriller 28-21 improving to 4-2. jim tressel and the buckeyes on the road at wisconsin. he has his sweater vest on. it didn't work in this game. opening kickoff, badgers come out swinging. i mean just a knock in the mouth. fr the 3 yard line finds a seam. gone. an abundance of running. 97 yards for the score it's 7-0, wisconsin, just like that. fourth quarter, badgers up by three. ball goes to james white. this is smooth. check out the nice cut back right here. he's in for six. wisconsin upsets number one ohio state 31-18. it's the second week in a row a number one is knocked off. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. still to come this hour,
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vigilante justice. the family calls it murder. but this morning the charges against five men accused of beating a man to death have been reduc reduced. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly sutter. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. our news headlines in just a seco. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us this morning. we're starting to warm up out there, chuck. >> yes, indeed. things are getting better with each pasng moment. nice blue sky. temperatures on eir way up this morning from a chilly start. a loft plas into the 40s. even reagan national down below 50 degrees for the first time is fall. now, though, 62 degrees in northwest. 61 in winchester, virginia. manassas now up to 50 degrees after a start in the mid-30s in manassas this morning. 55 degrees in annapolis. look at the tellite picture. hard to believe that is working it's so clear out there. warm and sunny all day long. temperatures up into the low and mid-70s for much of our afternoon hos so a great day today. great weather forhe skins game tonight. 65 at kickoff which is at 8:15.
9:32 am
you don't have a ticket you'll be watching us on nbc 4 because we are carrying the game on sunday night football night in america night. >> night, yes. >> we have to get you one of those things. >> where is that thing? >> thanks, chuck. rescue boats are basket on the water searching for a woman who disappeared on the occoquan rive the 65-year-old woman put her boat in the water at sandy run in fairfax station late yesterday morning but she hasn't been seen since. family members say the woman knew the water wll and always mas a point to check in. employees at the park realized something was wrong when she ha't returned or checked in for several hours. >> they had a system, a check-in system, a check-out system, and ey noticed around:30 that she had not checked in. they noticed her boat wasn't inside the boathouse. her car was still in the parking
9:33 am
lot. so they decided to go out and look for her. >> the woman's boat was found capsized object the river. firefighters say she is a regular at the park and was preparing for a race today. rescuers resumed the search at 7:00 this morning. the five men arrested and accused of beating a man to death outside a "u" street bar are out of jail. the five dc-9 bar workers were arraigned on charges of aggravated assault. police say ali ahmed mohammed died early friday morning after being kicked on stomped. investigators believe thbar workers were upset mohammed had thrown a brick through a window after being kicked out of the club. after being released all five men were placed under a high inteity supervision program including electronic monitoring. they will return to court next month for a preliminary hearing. an elderly woman believed to be dead for days suddenly moves. police found 89-year-old ruth johnson motionless onhe floor of her maryland home on october 1st. the officers said it looked like she had been there for some time so they didn't check for vitals.
9:34 am
three hours later a member of the state anatomy board which retrieves bodies donated t science went to take her body aw away. johnson let out a cry and moved her arm. e was rushed to the hospital and released three days ago. she has since been placed in hospice care. alexandria cab drivers w't be forced to mind their manners. there are some new rules for cab drivers but they did not include a controversial proposal that would regulate drivers' manners. the ordinance would have cab drivers -- would require them to be nice to their passengers and the geral public. punishments could have included fines suspended driver's licenses, but officials say they didn't think the measure was fair to cabbies. >> i just don't want us to go down thelipper slope doing something that affects one industry, that attacks the industry that is not fair and equitable cywide. >> under the new rules drivers have to take two dispatch calls
9:35 am
per day on top of folks who hail taxis. also, drivers will now face fines rather than suspensions from work if a complaint is filed against them. washington, d.c., 2010 starts tomorrow. that's when early voting opens in the district. voters can cast their ballots at the d.c. board of elections headquarters at 1 judiciary square in northwest. the it will be open from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night every day except sunday. four mor early voting opportunities -- the sites will open next saturday. meanwhile, candidat across the country are getting some big name support this weekend. today president obama and the first lady will campaign in ohio. they will try to encourage amerans to head to the polls. nbc's brian mooar has their messages. >> reporter: sarah palin may not be running for office this time around but she's fighting to get as many republicans elected as she can.
9:36 am
>> and so how about we make november 2nd freedom day and w take it back for the little guy? >> reporter: with washington's balance of power, up for grabs in just over two weeks, both parties have their heaest hitters on the campaign trail this weekend. before a veterans group in san diego, john mccain stumped for his former presidential campaign adviser, california senate hopeful carly fiorina. >> she will hit the ground running and will be an impact and star in the united states senate. >> reporter: together they opened fire on democratic senator barbara boxer. >> we must hold her accountable on november 2nd. >> reporter: president obama was in massachusetts to help out governor duvall patrick. >>that's why you need to help guard the change you helped deliver in 2006 by giving duvall patrick four more years. >> reporter: in florida former new yorkayor rudy giuliani stood behind gop senate candidate marco rubio.
9:37 am
democrats and republicans alike all know a lotan happen between now and election day. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. an american businessman held in iran more than two years has finally been released. he was arrested after giving $200 to a man tied to a group known as kandar, accused of killing 14 people in april of 2008. he says he had no knowledge that the map was tied to the opposition group. his lawyers ask he be released on humanitarian grounds because he has diabetes now his family is thrilled to have him home. >> i'm the happiest woman in the whole world because i have my husband and thank god he's healthy. i love him. >> he is expected to return to his home in southern california later this week. as a condition of his release he'll travel to the site of the
9:38 am
mosque bbing. this morning hundreds of people are making their way across a road hardly anyone s traveled. the intercounty connector 5-k walk/run started about half an hour ag let's take you there live now. runners ned up in shady grove montgomery to be the first to see a segment of the new roadway. crews finished paving the lanes. martin o'malley helped kick off the event that benefits special olympics of maryland. o'malley is a contender in the race for governor andille out today campaigning. former maryland governor bob erlich will greet redskins fans at fedex field later this evening. thousands of people are finally getting a look at another finished infrastructure project this weekend. a new bridge in nevada overlooking the famous hoover dam just opened. it's a faster way for drivers to get from phoenix to las vegas construction finished nine yea after itsroundbreaking. it includes a pedestrian walkway but don't look down if you're
9:39 am
scared of heights. the new bypass sits nearly 900 feet above the colorado river. and let's hang on that shot for a minute. isn't that gorgeous? >> ian't imagine driving across that. >> beautiful. and i thought the chain bridge was pretty. it's 9:39. still ahead, did you have some exciting plans thiweekend? we'll introduce you to some peopleho spent yesterday just hanging around. oh, yeah, and jumping off a bridge. and we'll introduce to you a "wednesday's child" who may dance her way into your heart. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything. ♪ the turnill make you think. ♪
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this week's" wednesday's child" is about giving ve to a child and you don't have to hear the word to feel it. barbara harrison now with the story. >> reporter: imagine if you couldn't hear this hello and ren't even sure why you were here. imagine that evening the signing interpreter is someone you've never en before. imagine how scary that might be. he is peespecially if you also e
9:43 am
learning challenges. we have a great day planned today. we're goingto the imagination stage. >> welcome to the imagination sta stage. >> reporter: hi, how are you diane, the director at the imagination stage, welcomed us. we made our way past the theater to a rehearsa room. veronica said she thought a hip-hop lson would be fun but richelle was hesitant about the idea until she met the teacher who waable to speak her language like many of the others here. >> my name is fred. i'm fred >> reporter: richelle is shy when she meets people for the first time. as a foster child, she has not had a real sense of belonging. dancer fred beam gave her a few moves to try but she wasn't too sure she wanted to show off front of everyone. she felt less inhibited when we all joined in. it's hoped she will one day be surrounded by people who care
9:44 am
about her, who shean count on to always be there. >> richelle would do well with a family that's very active, very outgoing, because that's the type of child that she is. >> reporter: at the end of the class there were some surprises. >> i have a little present for you. i want to give you a t-shirt. >> reporter: she also had tickets to come back to see a show. but perhaps the gift she prized the most of a photograph so that the memory of today would live on in more than just her imagination. barbara harrison, news 4, "wednesday's child." if you have ro in your home and your heart, please call our special adoption hotline. that number is 1-88-2-adopt-me. our website and don'tet the knowledge of sign language discourage you. it's very easy to learn. i knew 50 signs so not a lot.
9:45 am
but you buy a dictionary, get curious. easy to do. take a class and then she just needs love. that's easy, right? let's bring chuck bell. what's coming up? we're filled with sunshine for the rest of our sunday. we all know it can't stay sunny and nice forever. i will have that part of your forecast as well coming right up. i came up with this mobile art gallery
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they jump off of . an estimated crowd of 200,000 people came out to the bridge to watch. base jumpers launched themselves off the bridge pour the festival in fayetteville. even a man in the wheelchair took the 876-foot plunge off the 3,000-foot-long bridge in celebration. that's how we all like to celebrate. that looks violent even. no, thank you. >> couldn't pay me enough. >> i like a little thrill and excitement in my life evy now and then but i don't know -- >> do it some other way. >> i get that from a cup of coffeeach day. i don't need a bridge. >> i feel like walk iing thplank anytime i put the forecast out there. >> just the sports scores really. >> i know. props to texas yesterday. i picked nebraska to win. that's why i don't pick my own team anymore. it's too risky. congratulations longhorn fans, won one out of the last three. outside on a sunday morning
9:49 am
we've been talkin about cold weather facts all morning because aar's been bundled up against the 48-degree freeze. so outside right now it's 54 degrees but thinking cold thoughts, think back. 70 years ago this week our earliest first inch of snow in washingt. we had trace amounts earlier than that. the first we had an inch or more, october 20th of 1940. so 70 years ago this week. yes, indeed, snow lovers, winter looms ahad. 54 degrees with a light south breeze. temperatures on their way up. it's going to be a nice day outside today. perfect weather for the skins and the colts at fedex fie in landover. kickoff 8:15. if you don't have a ticket you'll be here on nbc 4 tonight at 8:00. we have the sunday night football game temperatures, 40s and 50s all around the eastern united states. look at how clear the skies are. all the way from boston right down to memphis.
9:50 am
nothing but sunshine. a beauty of a day today. a little weher front is promising some slightly cooler weather for tomorrow but the real changes arrive monday night intotuesday. that's when the clouds really start to settle in. a little ripple in the jet stream is aiming our way for monday night, tuesday morning time frame. i think that will be the next time we need to worry about windshield wipers. good color out into the western and northern suburbs but the peak is about a week or ten days away. so today sunine, warmth. nice west breeze at 10 to 15 miles an hour. highs in the 70s. tomorrow with sunshine in the morning but clouds coming back by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will hold in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. the extended forecast around here, the four day, 75 today that's the nice one. 69 tomorrow but tomorrow will be a reasonably good day. kind of showery weather for tuesday and wednesday. doesn't lookike heavy rain. we're talking a tenth to a quarter of an inch but that would be about it and relatively dry weather to finish out the week. so after the 20th, you guys, we can officially have an inch of
9:51 am
snow. >> that we don't want. go away, jack. time is 9:50. move over football and baseball a. new sport taking center
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
nbc's the place for politics every sunday and it's buzzing
9:55 am
around here. very busy behind the scenes. coming up in a few minutes it's the chris matthews show followed by "meet the press." a look at what chris matthews and david gregory are working on this morning. good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show" wth just two weeks to election day democts hope the obama factor can be a plus. hard to believe it's just two years since obama formed this new coalition. noit's democrats again without the independents and what can the president do to inspire democrats, many of whom are discouraged? control of congress depends on it. plus, old hands are trying to play the experience card and are finding it's a joker this year. with so many enormous challenges why do voters want to throw out the men and women who have worked for years, even decades on these same issues? would we be starting from scratch with republicans ntrollinf congress? join me and david ignacious, gloria borger and kelly o'donnell foa great roundtable.
9:56 am
now for a look at what's coming up on "mt the ess" he is david gregory. good morning, kimberly and aaron. e present as campaigner in chief with 16 dayso go before election day, but does he help or hurtdemocrats? and how will the administration respond should there be big republican gains on election day? with us our exclusive guest white house press secretary robert gibbs. then our senate debate series continues with a very tight race, the one in colorado where democratic iumbent senator michael b michael bennet is locked in a very tight race with republican tea party backed challenger ken buck. it's all coming up this morning on "meet t press." and from those very important topics to this one. in san diego anique competition going on this weekend, one that will make you hold your nose. >> it's the scooper bowl. pooper scoopers from all over the cotry travel to california to see who's the fastest scooper in the u.s. the eighth annual convention being put on. the top three winners each receive atrophy, cash prizes
9:57 am
and bragging rights. >> you can pick it up with your hands? >> no worries. that stuff is fake apparently. >> speed is what interests me. efficiency, did you get all the grass and everything out. >> and we'll leave you with that thought on this sunday morni. thanks for watching today. >> please do wake up with us tomorrow morning. we begin bright and early at 4:30 in the morning. until then enjoy this beautiful sunday. because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation-- a fifth generation-- of fighter aircrt has been born.
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